Biryasam, the local initiative which is the pionner of this project, used to be a grassroots NGO established by local people in Hopa to assure a sustainable culture and art environment in the region. Despite all impossibilities and lack of sources, the increasing interest of youth in art and culture encourages Biryasam to realise new projects to support youth’s education in art and culture. Biryasam is a young initiative; however it cooperates with experienced institutions especially from Caucasian countries and Europe such as Intercult from Sweden. SOM, the project coordinator and Biryasam initiative, they have collaborated for 5 years in different international projects.

The project responds to a real need including youth participation, cross-cultural exchange, and urban/environmental improvement and education via the arts. The contemporary art is limited with Istanbul in Turkey or Tbilisi in Georgia. The project brings contemporary practices to the Eastern Black Sea Region both in Turkey an Georgia. Artists and organizations partnering in the project are very enthusiastic to offer new practices to a new and eager audience and they aim to create a new language in the field of performing arts with the meeting of different body disciplines.