Meeting Alethea in Batumi

Posted on 11/06/2013 | Meeting Alethea in Batumi için yorumlar kapalı

Meeting Alethea in Batumi

By Saturday noon, we left Hopa with rain… We crossed the border without car, by our own steps… Very interesting experience, you walk for 5 minutes and you are in Georgia… It seems that everything changes in this 5 minutes walk, even the climate… Batumi has a very tropical climate. Our colleague, Tamuna from Alethea welcomes us in the hotel… But we are pressed, we need to be in a meeting with the head of the Batumi Music Center, in 30 minutes… But we made it…




After the meeting, we were all hungry, it was time for Georgian ravioli, Khinkali…



After having our Georgian Turkish coffee, our destination was the public garden and the university where we will probably have our performances…



The garden was very suitable for our expectations and also the university hall… After the visits, we had some internal meetings and discussed things like budget, subcontractors and so on… The same night, we met with an expert from the Ministry of Culture of Adjara to discuss other details. The next morning, after the breakfast we left Batumi for Istanbul, very motivated. Looking forward for June.